Spirit Earth Shampoo - Raindance

Spirit Earth Shampoo - Raindance

The Spirit Earth Raindance line is made up of beauty and spa products infused with pure grade and organic essential oils such as frankincense, bergamot, cedarwood, and eucalyptus. The Spirit Earth Raindance line soothes mucle tension and provides renewal.

The Raindance Shampoo balances oily scalps and promotes hair growth.  Ingredients include botanical extracts along with eucalyptus, cedar wood, bergamot and frankincense.  The natural ingredients cleans and renews your hair and scalp, bringing healing aid to the skin, scalp and hair shaft. Raindance Shampoo leaves your hair shiny and voluminous - unlike leading hair care products which may formulate unnatural ingredients leading to dull or oily locks.  The all natural Raindance conditioner revives your hair and scalp, and helps combat oily and greasy scalp conditions, but still provides hydration and balance.  A rejuvenated appearance and maintained conditions are by far two of the many benefits of using natural products on your hair, skin and body. 

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