Spirit Earth Lotion - Cedar Song

Spirit Earth Lotion - Cedar Song

The Spirit Earth Cedar Song line is made up of beauty and spa products infused with pure grade and organic cedar leaf essential oil. Cedar Leaf has been a traditional remedy in many ways such as an astringent, diuretic, rubefacient, and more. The Cedar Song spa and beauty products produce a sweet smell of nature and balanced aroma of woods and cedar. The scent is renewing and is traditionally portrayed to dispell negative energy and assist in clearing emotional burden - complementing the cleansing feeling of using Spirit Earth's health and body products.

The Cedar Song Lotion replenishes and nourishes skin, restoring it to a healthy look and smooth touch.  Natural ingredients include avocado, coconut, pumpkin, jojoba oil and cedar leaf essential oil.  The infused natural ingredients provide nourishment and vitamins to your body and skin.  Benefits of Cedar Song body lotion includes promoted circulation for elasticity, healing, and aids in dry and flaky skin conditions.  The moistourizing lotion is perfect for rehydrating and rejuvenating dry, damaged or over-exposed areas of the body.  To provide overall skin health, apply daily and experience the transformation of your skin to be healthy, smooth, and nourished.  Leave your skin feeling silk smooth and with a scent of sweet nature that promotes stress relief and purification.

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