Seeing Niagara Falls In The Fall Season

Seeing Niagara Falls In The Fall Season

The Other Side To Niagara Falls & Western New York

The majestic Niagara Falls isn’t the only sight to see in the city of Niagara Falls, and summer isn’t the only time to visit. Visit Niagara Falls, NY/Western New York during autumn and take in the changing colors, and views surrounding the roaring waters.

Though the Falls are incredible and are a must see, consider visiting other areas and sites nearby as well. There are plenty of other excursions to take, that will lead you to unique destinations – some of which, you can only see in the Niagara region.

Leisurely Autumn Hikes

With Niagara Falls, comes a beautiful escarpment and even more gorgeous trails to hike. These hiking trails hug the escarpment slopes leading into the river, giving visitors an exhilarating, self-guided experience. Various trails are scattered around the Niagara Falls area, and have lots to offer in terms of adventure, views and photo opportunities.

Walk through relatively-flat, but slightly rocky paths which are generally kid and family-friendly or hike your way through escalating stairs and boulders. Either trail you take ends in a breathtaking view of the gorge, river and whirlpool.

The beauty of Western New York between mid-September and November, is the way you can still enjoy the outdoors in the chilly weather and all the possible activities which come naturally with our location and climate. The lower, yet bearable temperatures allow you participate in physical activities such as walks and hikes, without having to break a sweat. The brisk air actually feel nice. With these hiking trails, you can adore nature and admire the changing of colors and falling leaves, and take in the autumn air.

Nearby Niagara Hiking Trails

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Other Fall-Worthy Outdoor Activities

Griffis Sculpture Park

Niagara Wine Trail: Wineries & Vineyards

The wineries along the Niagara Wine Trail also boast amazing views, especially during the Fall. Visit vineyards which span across acres, and enjoy the colorful and rustic scenery. Each winery in the Niagara region has cozy indoor accommodations to accompany their gorgeous outdoor vineyard views. Relax in warmth while you taste local and seasonal wine and cider, and speak to the wine makers and connoisseurs themselves.

Quality Hotel & Suites has a great list of nearby vineyards and wineries.

Smokin Joes recommends Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards to fulfill your seasonal dose of Fall festivities. Here you can try wine, cider, locally brewed beers, and get your homemade baked goods and Fall favorites. The farm and vineyard is also family-friendly, with plenty of space and activities for all to enjoy. And not to forget, the farm is in the midst of gorgeous foliage so you can still admire the autumn atmosphere on the property.

Capturing WNY's Beautiful Fall Foliage

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