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Spring & Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

Spring & Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Fashion Trends: Boho Chic and Festival Fashion

The Spring and Summer trends circling around today are known to be boho, boho-chic, and now often considered “festival wear”.  Boho, or boho-chic is a Bohemian-inspired style that incorporates colorful themes and details, presenting free-spirited and peaceful attributes.  The newly coined term of festival wear, stems from the concert and music festivals hosted throughout the warmer seasons.  The spring into summer seasons, are now also known as “festival season”, for this reason.  At these events, you’ll often see festival goers donning apparel very similar to boho-style. 

The clothing usually associated with the boho and festival clothing collaboration, is often seen as vibrant colored shirts and blouses to match the spring/summer weather and vibe.  You will also see muted hues, paired with neutral tones and pops of print for statement making. 


Native Inspired Looks

Overlooked, but very similar is Native-inspired fashion.  Native-inspired clothing can also portray the pops of color and print, and intricate detailing that you’ll see a lot today.  The colors used are slightly bolder, and utilize stronger contrasts between color combinations.  However, the stitched or embroidered designs are usually pretty similar.


Fringe and Suede: Adding Dimension and Texture

Other than the similarities in color usage and design, what has also been popular recently are fringe and tassel accents, and suede textures.  Each being apparent in all Boho, Festival and Native inspired fashion pieces.

Each look represents a spirited and delighted character.  The apparel is typically light weight and flowy, cool, comfortable and relaxed!


We Choose Shoes: Minnetonka Sandals and Moccasins

This season, Smokin Joes is loving what Minnetonka Moccasins is bringing to the shoe racks.  Minnetonka moccasin and sandal styles are trendy, and not only do they provide all-day lasting comfort, but the looks transition well from day to night.


Minnetonka Barbados Women’s Sandal

This sandal is simple slip-on, but with a unique cut out design.  The additional foot strap gives this shoe a different look than many other sandals, but still resembles a classic t-strap.  Smokin Joes has the women’s sandal available in both black and taupe - neutral colors (like we spoke about above), making it easy to pair with most outfits.

 minnetonka barbados women's sandal

The sole is cushioned with suede.  The straps are also suede, and delicately designed with raised stitching on one, and colorful detailing on the other.  This sandal checks off a lot of features on the trending list: suede, colorful detailing, and its light weight and comfortable!


Pair it with: Vintage Jewelry

A few bangles and a stunning colorful piece such as this Smokin Joes Jewelry Yellow Gold Art Deco Coral Ring, and you have your boho-chic accessories down.

smokin joes jewelry yellow gold art deco coral ringMinnetonka Men’s Camp Moccasin

The Minnetonka Men’s Camp Moccasin is designed for sophistication with a sense of comfort.  The look is handmade from suede, smooth leather, and accented with rawhide lace.  Resembling a boat shoe of sorts, the classic tan and minimalist design pairs nicely with shorts, jeans or even slacks.


Pair it with: Denim

Dark denim.  The Men’s Levi’s 514 Jeans in either black or overhaul blue would go great with these mocs.  The jeans sit low on the waist, and are straight leg and have a relaxed fit.  The straight leg down to the ankle makes a perfect cut for your Minnetonkas.  Depending on your shirt, you can make this look casual or dressed up for night.

 men's levi's 512 jeans


Minnetonka Velcro Back Flap Booties

The Minnetonka booties keep your little one’s feet warm, and cute.  The suede and fringe trends are combined for this baby look.  The booties are made out of soft suede leather, and it slips on and off with an easy Velcro back flap.

 minnetonka velcro back flap booties

Pair it with: Bright Baby Rompers

Sk^n^ clothing has unique Native-inspired designs for babywear.  Smokin Joes stocks a number of designs, and in various colors – including those bright and vibrant colors perfect for spring and summer.

skana clothing baby rompers

Fall In Love & Win This Season: 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Items

Fall In Love & Win This Season: 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Items

Pendleton apparel is made with 100% pure virgin wool, which has many benefits, including maximized warmth.  Pendleton specializes in utilizing superior virgin wool fabrics for their apparel, outerwear, blankets, footwear, and more.  Pure virgin wool has the advantages of elasticity, for a breathable fit and maintaining body warmth, and still looks great!  Wool is a natural insulator, so it will keep you cozy when the weather is cold, yet cool even when it’s warm.  The elasticity of wool also allows clothing to be wrinkle-resistant, and hold its shape throughout consistent wear.  The resilience in wool, along with its low static and hairy-surface actual repels dirt, making it easy to maintain and keep clean!

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