Fall In Love & Win This Season: 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Items

Fall In Love & Win This Season: 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Items

Pendleton Coats

Pendleton jackets are great for fall and winter

Pendleton Woolen Mills is known for their fabric material, craftsmanship, and exquisite designs. 


Pendleton apparel is made with 100% pure virgin wool, which has many benefits, including maximized warmth.  Pendleton specializes in utilizing superior virgin wool fabrics for their apparel, outerwear, blankets, footwear, and more.  Pure virgin wool has the advantages of elasticity, for a breathable fit and maintaining body warmth, and still looks great!  Wool is a natural insulator, so it will keep you cozy when the weather is cold, yet cool even when it’s warm.  The elasticity of wool also allows clothing to be wrinkle-resistant, and hold its shape throughout consistent wear.  The resilience in wool, along with its low static and hairy-surface actually repels dirt, making it easy to maintain and keep clean!


Why Smokin Joes loves Pendleton Coats

Many Pendleton clothing designs are adorned with Native-inspired multi-colored patterns with gorgeous stitching.  Smokin Joes embraces the nativity and authenticity of the design.  The intricate details, with bold and gorgeous color combinations of vibrant hues, make a statement, and adds excitement, even on the coldest days.


Check out this coat:


Pendleton Chief Joseph Big Horn Jacket Black


The central pattern with solid sleeves and collar is a great look.  The jacket has a zip front, welt pockets and ribbed-knit cuffs and bottoms.


Find more designs here!

Manitobah Mukluks

What is a mukluk?

Aboriginal-inspired boots, ‘mukluk’ is an Aboriginal word for winter boot.  Mukluks were first created by Canandian Aboriginals, out of natural hide and fur, in efforts to keep them warm in the cold Canadian weather.  Luxurious fur wraps around the entirety of each boot, to bear any amount of snow and to maximize warmth.


Manitobah snow boots are excellent are the winter!

Manitobah Mukluks are lined with sheepskin shearling.  Shearling is skin from sheared sheep, with the wool still on.  The tanned, suede surface is usually worn outward for a sleek design, and the wool is kept inside to keep the body warm.  Most of Manitobah’s mukluks are made out of cowhide suede and rabbit fur.  The soles of these snow boots are designed by Vibram, the world leader in high-performance rubber soles.  The soles designed for mukluks could withstand the effects of cold, urban environments.


View the Manitobah Mukluks we have in store.


Manitobah Tall Wrap Mukluk Vibram


Why do we love these?

Not only do they keep you warm, but the beautiful detailed beading design is handmade, making these boots authentic and unique.  The beading, combined with soft, smooth suede gives off a cozy feel and adds detail to any outfit!