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Experience the Frozen Falls

Experience the Frozen Falls

Winter is the Perfect Time to Visit Niagara Falls

Bundle up! While It may be cold outside, the Falls are even more beautiful and awe inspiring. Get up close and experience the Frozen Falls this Winter. Book your Frozen Falls Adventure today including accommodations at Quality Hotel & Suites "At The Falls" and a play voucher to Seneca Niagara Casino!

GIA Diamonds from Smokin Joes Jewelry

GIA Diamonds from Smokin Joes Jewelry

Why Buy a GIA Diamond at Smokin Joes Jewelry?

Smokin Joes Jewelry carries beautiful GIA stones in a variety of settings perfect for any budget! Why buy GIA? GIA is the creator of the revolutionary 4Cs of diamond value (carat, color, clarity, and cut). It is also the birthplace of the International Diamond Grading System™. Today, GIA’s D-Z color-grading scale, Flawless–I3 clarity-grading scale and Excellent-to-Poor cut-grading scale are recognized by virtually every professional jeweler and savvy diamond buyer in the world. Smokin Joes Jewelry is proud to present internationally recognized GIA diamonds perfect for your proposal, anniversary, or any occasion. Preview our collection online at and visit our team of experts and jewelers in store today!

New Additions To Niagara Falls

New Additions To Niagara Falls

Smokin Joes Introduces Plenty To See & Do

Depending on where you’re from or who you know – you probably have a different interpretation of Smokin Joes than the next person.  Smokin Joes embraces a varied character when it comes to what we offer.  We aim to satisfy all our customers, near or far.  Smokin Joes’ mission is to revitalize Niagara Falls, NY, by committing to provide affordable deals on shopping and travel for both local residents, and out of town visitors.  Since we are Natively owned and operated, our priority is to maintain a Native American and inspired culture in all our fields of endeavor.

The ‘Joe’ Of All Trades

Headquartered at the Tuscarora Indian Nation near Lewiston, NY, the Smokin Joes establishment boasts a myriad of commerce options.  Named Smokin Joes Trading Post, this location has gas pumps, a cigar shop/humidor, electronic cigarette business factory, a convenience store, and deli.  This location also offers an abundance of retail including, clothing, jewelry, boutique and gallery, fine menswear, furniture and home goods.  Not failing to mention a remarkable Native American Museum of Art.

Meanwhile, Smokin Joes locations in downtown Niagara Falls specialize in tourist attractions to support the sightseeing audience of the Niagara Falls (USA).  Here we have a hotel, bar and grill, coffee house, Adventure Park, and retail, including gift shops and apparel.

ICYMI: New Additions To Smokin Joes

Tourism & Experience: Niagara Falls Adventure Park

Smokin Joes opened the gates of Niagara Falls Adventure Park this past October.  The brand new installation in Niagara Falls, NY is the perfect place for adventurers to jump, zip, and climb.  The Adventure Park features a high ropes course, dual racing zip-lines and jump off zone. 

It’s hard to miss this establishment.  The five story building is located by Niagara Street, for all to see the excitement of visitors zipping down the 300 foot hill.  The building’s exterior is also a declaration to Smokin Joes and our Native culture, from top to bottom.

Although the Adventure Park has been closed for the winter season, make sure you plan a day with us when we open this spring!

Shopping: Hall Of Fame Lax Shaxx

Right next door to the Niagara Falls Adventure Park, the Hall Of Fame Lax Shaxx, a brand new lacrosse and sport gear shop has opened just this month.  Run by NLL Hall of Famers and former Buffalo Bandits, Darris and Rich Kilgour, the store boasts quality lacrosse gear and Kilgour Lax sport apparel.  They also provide a shot area where you can shoot against the net to test your shot speed!

Smokin Joes was inspired to assist in opening Hall Of Fame Lax Shaxx with the Kilgours due to the passion for lacrosse and the sport's Native American origin.  Much of the apparel feature the Six Nations symbol which represents the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuscarora Nations. 

Kilgour Lax and Hall Of Fame Lax Shaxx apparel is also available online.

Online Retail: New Website Design

If Smokin Joes didn’t make shopping and visiting Niagara Falls easy and exciting enough, we made it so you can buy and plan everything online too.  We launched the new redesign of our website this past November, and it’s better than ever.  We consistently update inventory on apparel, shoes, jewelry, and everything else we offer.  Since we were already providing the best prices on name brand fashion, accessories, and other products in store, we also wanted you to have the liberty to shop online!

In addition, we offer and update all the hotel and travel packages run and assisted by our affiliated hotel, Quality Hotel & Suites “At The Falls”.  You can find everything we have to offer in Niagara Falls, NY right here!


Don’t Miss It: What To Expect This Spring/Summer 2016

Revamped Local Restaurant & Bar: Legends Bar & Grill Niagara Falls, NY

Our beloved Legends Bar & Grill is currently undergoing a facelift.  Between a new paint job, artwork and lighting, the new look and feel of the restaurant and bar is vibrant and exciting!  There is a new menu out which features menu items with local ingredients, including Western New York favorites, Constanzo’s Bakery, Shalen’s, Rich’s, and local beers, like Southern Tier.

Located steps away from the Niagara Falls State Park, it was important for Legends Bar & Grill to embrace a local feel.  Much of what is around the area are chains, which typically increase prices due to the high tourist traffic.  Legends Bar & Grill is proud to be local, serve local food, beer and homemade items, which is enjoyable and affordable.

Affiliated with Smokin Joes, the vision for downtown Niagara Falls to exude originality and preservation of culture to our out-of-town visitors, has been translated into the restaurant by exemplifying local support.

For our patrons from the area, Legends Bar & Grill always has something going on.  From live music and bands almost every night, to karaoke nights on Thursdays and great deals.  The bar also airs all major televised games and throws an event for all holidays.  Make sure to follow them on Facebook for event updates

View The Menu


Family-Friendly Fun in Niagara Falls, NY: Smokin Joes Native Center

Currently housing our Native-inspired gift shop, Niagara Falls souvenirs and Smokin Joes Coffee House, a lot more is planned for the remaining, massive space in the Smokin Joes Native Center.  The Native Center was once a popular attraction for authentic Native American dance performances and shows.  Today, Smokin Joes is preparing to introduce concerts, events and more family-friendly fun to be hosted in the tremendous establishment, coming later this summer. 

There is a lot of work going on in the interior of the Native Center, transforming the space into an amazing tourist attraction, featuring a stage, food, drinks and more.  The décor is animated with Native American artwork to once again, highlight our internal priority to portray a Native American and inspired culture to those we attract.

We here at Smokin Joes are excited for what’s to come, and we hope you are too!  Make sure to follow our Facebook pages and visit our websites frequently to stay up to date.

Niagara Falls, NY Fall & Winter Packages

Niagara Falls, NY Fall & Winter Packages

All that excitement and fun is just waiting for you, here at Niagara Falls – and with these package and adventure suggestions, Smokin Joes wants to be the reason you stay and enjoy!Read More
Fall In Love & Win This Season: 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Items

Fall In Love & Win This Season: 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Items

Pendleton apparel is made with 100% pure virgin wool, which has many benefits, including maximized warmth.  Pendleton specializes in utilizing superior virgin wool fabrics for their apparel, outerwear, blankets, footwear, and more.  Pure virgin wool has the advantages of elasticity, for a breathable fit and maintaining body warmth, and still looks great!  Wool is a natural insulator, so it will keep you cozy when the weather is cold, yet cool even when it’s warm.  The elasticity of wool also allows clothing to be wrinkle-resistant, and hold its shape throughout consistent wear.  The resilience in wool, along with its low static and hairy-surface actual repels dirt, making it easy to maintain and keep clean!

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Lacrosse & What it Means

Lacrosse & What it Means

Lacrosse is not only the fastest growing sport in the US, but a sport deep in Native American roots. Known as the Creator’s game, Lacrosse was a gift from the Creator, played to honor the Creator in the tradition of healing the people.Read More

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